Book cam/phone/text session

Do you live too far to have an in-person experience? Perhaps you would like to spend more time together in between sessions? Maybe you’re new to this whole BDSM world and just want to dip your toes in. Or you’d just like to talk about kink and get some advice.

Whatever your reasoning, digital play is fun, sexy, and a great way to break up your draining work week. I’ve been a lifestyle femdom since my early 20’s and offering professional domination services since 2008. I’ve probably seen of it, done it, or at least heard of it. I spend my weekends at BDSM parties, attending femdom events, and continue my training at conventions lead by professional and lifestyle kinksters. I love talking about kink and would love to hear about your fantasies.

When you’re ready to book a session fill out my form below and let’s play! Once we confirm a time you’ll need to pay for your session upfront. Some payment processors can take up to a few hours so I’d recommend doing it asap. If you wait until a few minutes before we start and I don’t have your payment, this will eat into your time until it’s received. I cannot accept major payment processors as they don’t work with adult workers and will ban both you and me from using them for these types of services.

There are a few options for payment:

Spankpay (it’s an anonymous online crypto that shows up as wyre on your bill- wyre is a commercial and popular crypto processor). Spankpay can be paid with crypto or debit card. Under the notes let me know who you are-it comes to me anonymously. Give me some detail to know it’s from you. Your name, submissive name, date or description of the session, etc. Here’s the link to my Spankpay:

You can tip me through my clipstore. You can pay as a guest and hit the tribute button leave me a note letting me know who you are.

For sessions under $150 I will do amazon e-gift card. It must be e-gift and not a gift card mailed to my house. Send it to my email, or both work and both are interchangeable.

Another option is Pantheon Pay, it’s a payment processor run by models, for models. It shows up as CCbill on your statement, which is a common and popular e-commerce merchant. I’m finishing setting up my merchant account, link will be here when it’s ready.

I’ve talked to a few people who are nervous about upfront payment because they have been catfished, been stood up, or hired someone who is inexperienced and new. I’ve been in this industry for a long time. Lurk my social media, my history, and positive reviews and comments from where I present myself. I’m not going to risk ruining my glowing reputation for a couple of hundred dollars. I’m here for the long haul and work with other well-known and reputable Femdoms. Those that lie, cheat and steal tend to disappear quickly and get blacklisted. Do your research and pick a professional provider.

Feel free to be descriptive. Examples: humiliation, dressing up for me, me showing off my feet, chatting about your kinks and fetishes, talking about in-person session ideas, BDSM advice, slave training, etc.
For texting download the app Telegram and send me your username. It's safe and encrypted. For webcam send me your skype name. For phone calls send me your phone number. Use google voice if you want to give me an alternate number.
Once we confirm a date and time, you'll be required to pay for the session upfront. If I get sick or my schedule changes you'll be given the option to change your time or get a full refund. If you need to reschedule let me know asap. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice you lose your payment.