What are your rates?

My rates are as follows for incall:
  • $400 for 60 min
  • $600 for 90 min
  • $750 for 2 hours
  • $1000 for 3 hours
  • $1000 for same-day booking, for 2 hours minimum 
  • Extended and overnight sessions-email me for a quote

My dungeon is located in Arlington Virginia and is a 6-minute walk from the East Falls Church Metro. If you choose to drive there’s parking in my driveway. I am located in a residential neighborhood and my dungeon is located at a separate entrance. Please arrive in normal clothing and don’t discuss anything kink-related when I meet you outside. Let’s not spook my neighbors. 

My rates are as follows for outcall:


  • $750 for 90 min
  • $1000 for 2 hours
  • $1300 for 3 hours
  • $1500 for same-day booking, for 2 hours minimum (must have seen me at least once- everyone new has to book a minimum of 48 hours in advance)
  • Extended and overnight sessions-email me for a quote
  • You may also offer me your budget for a highly detailed or longer session and we can work out creating the ultimate fantasy. 

You must provide a $100 deposit to book – this goes towards your session. If you have to cancel within 24 hours you lose your deposit. In the rare event I have to cancel, I will return your deposit to you or we can reschedule.

You must be fully vaccinated or bring a covid test and do it at the beginning of the session. I am fully vaccinated and boosted.



Do you offer free or discount sessions?

My services are a luxury, not a necessity. I am an international fetish model, BDSM coach, and kink educator. My prices reflect my skill and experience. If you wanted a simple session such as feet/shoe worship (not domination), inescapable bondage, chastity key holding, or something similar that doesn’t require many toys or labor email me. I might offer a reduced rate. If you desire slave service (for example: where you clean, cook, massage, and organize for me) with limited supervision, I can also negotiate with you. Longer sessions from all day, overnights, and multi days will also come with a discount depending on your desires and how much prep is needed on my end. 
For every single session, I personalize each detail from clothing, toys, redecorate the layout, prep any equipment that’s needed and work very hard to make sure each session is perfectly curated to your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all session and I love making each experience new and exciting!
Cleaning and sanitizing after each session takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. Latex must be washed and dressed right away to avoid being ruined or torn. Anything that touches skin must be sanitized and washed, this takes a while as I do the same process as medical professionals. I am blood-borne pathogen and first aid/CPR certified. I use steps learned from these classes for cleaning. Anything that breaks the skin that cannot be sanitized (whips, leather, wood implements) has to be thrown away and replaced. So I spend at least 1.5 hours per session behind the scenes. I am not a dominatrix that offers a lot of back-to-back sessions. I prefer to have longer and less rushed scenes where I can spend a lot of time exploring your brain and body and have plenty of time to let my creative juices run.

What should I do before I arrive?

You will arrive on time. If you’re going to be more than 10 min late, text me.
You will arrive clean. Hygiene is very important. A shower the night before doesn’t count. Please brush your teeth, and tongue and use mouth wash. I have extra mouth wash you can use if needed. I have a sensitive sense of smell, I want you to be extra clean so I can be extra close to you! 
I have a shower with supplies for you to use to freshen up before we start if needed.
If any anal training is involved in our session, you need to enema before you arrive or immediately after arriving. I can bring a disposable enema with advance notice. Make sure to book at least 1.5 hours if you plan to clean yourself after arriving.

What add-ons do you offer?

I offer many custom features to make your session unique and special. 

-Take home a souvenir. I’m happy to wear items before and during the session you can purchase and take home with you. Examples are worn undies, stockings, socks, shoes, I’ll even bottle up my pee. Prices vary on item and value. 

-Sit and relax before or after the session with me and enjoy a glass of wine, one beer, water, or some delicious chocolate to relax you. Slowly ease back into the real world. $150 for 30 minutes before or after our session.

-Pamper yourself with some massage aftercare. I enjoy offering a gentle human touch and putting my massage training to use. $250 for 30 minutes after our session. 

-Sensory bondage time. I’ll tie, wrap, lock, or mummify you into a comfortable but snug position where you can relax in the same room as me while you drift deep into subspace. I’ll play music of your choosing or mine, blindfold you and let you enjoy your meditative space. If you’re the type to enjoy pain and suffering this can be done in a way to test your limits. We can add this to any point of the session. Before, during the middle, broken into parts after the session. $75 per half hour. I recommend booking at least an hour. 

-How would you like to have memories of our session forever? How about just having some unique pictures to keep. Most pictures you see of me online I’ve taken with a tripod, remote and fancy lighting.  I can either take pictures of us in action during our scene or we can spend a few minutes posing for the camera. I have full face hoods, wigs, outfits, and bodybags that can obscure your identity. You’ll be able to post these wherever your heart desires. Fetlife, twitter, your secret kinky blog, or just keep them for yourself. I’ll edit them to correct the lighting and photoshop out anything you desire (your face or tattoos for example) and email them to you in a few days post our session. Any pictures you see of me while playing with others have given me explicit permission to post. If you want I’m happy to share your pictures with my tons of followers. $150 add-on, includes editing.

-Want me to film some of our session with a tripod and my video camera? This will be for your personal use and not posted by me anywhere online. I’ll take home the raw footage and edit it into a nice little kinky film for you to have. $250 add-on, includes video editing (give me about two weeks to complete this, I usually am done much sooner than this).

-Solo photoshoot or solo video shoot. I have taken classes on photography and videography and I am able to create solo content for you to have and use wherever. Want to wear latex, leather, lingerie, or dress up and be able to have decent pictures or videos? We can do this before the session starts as a fun way to warm up. $350 for each half-hour. This includes editing and full release. I don’t use or keep these. 

-Professional photoshoot or professional video shoot. I’ll hire one of my kinky photographer friends to film us or take pictures. This will require some coordination so this is not a last-minute add-on option. I’ll model and pose with you and sign the release forms so you can post them wherever you’d like or just keep them for yourself. Includes editing. Email me with your ideas so I can give you a quote. ScarlettLush@gmail.com

-Need something to do in-between visits? Want something to hold you over until we play again? Add a homework task to complete and turn in the next time we see each other. I’m open to ideas based on your interests. Examples that I’ve done before: chastity time, orgasm control, writing sentences, posting an anonymous story on an erotic forum, edging games, diet control, exercise control, photo assignments, etc. Let me know what type interests you and I’ll have your assignment waiting for you at our next session. Starts at $150.

Can we meet in public before a session or just for fun?

Absolutely. This is a great way to break the ice and spend time together in a low pressure environment. Perhaps you’d like a fine dining experience with an exquisite companion, or to attend a kink event at the end of my leash.
Dinner or Coffee – $200 plus the delicious meal
Shopping – $300+ worth of fun/sexy items
Kink Event Attendance – start at $300, negotiable based on the specific event and desired time commitment.

Your form asks for a lot of personal details. I’m nervous about discretion. 

Your safety and my safety are very important as well as being discreet. I’m never going to give out any of your information or risk my amazing reputation over any client. Other than the email address that you provide I won’t text/call/dm/etc. I’m only interested in verifying that you’re not in the sex offender/violent crimes database because I am inviting you to my space and I want to feel safe and comfortable with you. I am verified on websites such as fetlife, OnlyFans and have had twitter since 2010. If you see me in public I’m not going to talk to you and your information stays between us.

If you don’t feel comfortable giving out your personal details, I can use references from other providers you’ve seen recently in the past. If you’re brand new and don’t have references then we can meet in person over food or coffee or you can book a digital session. When filling out my form giving more details is better so I can quickly get you booked or doing a public meet/online session. If you leave a lot of stuff blank or incorrect, I’ll probably skip your form and move on to the next client then come back to it after booking those you filled it out correctly the first time.


When are you available to meet?

I take appointments after 12 PM. Mornings are an option with notice.
A minimum of 48-hours notice is required for all appointments.
Repeat clients may request sessions with less than 48 hours notice. 


Do you have a number I can text or call to ask you a few questions?

Yes. Feel free to talk to me about anything on sextpanther or you can call me at niteflirt. We can schedule a time and I’ll turn on my phone lines so we can chat about whatever you’d like.


Do you offer GFE, sex etc? Can I provide you oral worship?

No, no, and no! Do not waste my time emailing or calling and asking for these types of services. I do not offer anything that is an exchange of fluids. 
If you’re new and anxious about hiring an independent dominatrix, please read this great blog written by Dominatrix An Li


Can I bring my girlfriend/wife/boyfiend, etc to watch or play?

Possibly. Take me to dinner or text me on SexPanther and we can discuss options. Or email me to discuss options. ScarlettLush@gmail.com

What else can I do in the meantime? 

If you’ve had a session with me and would like to leave a review, email me your review and I’ll post it on my website. You can remain fully anonymous or use whatever name you’d like. For those of you who enjoy spoiling me, I set up my wishlist here. 


I read everything and I’m ready to book! Now what?

Fill out my contact form and let’s play!