-Updated December 2022-

From first contact I knew that this was going to be a special first session. We have a mutual Fem Domme friend who–by reputation and endorsement–gave me highest hopes and expectations. Our friend is a keen eye for talent, but I had no idea that Mistress Scarlett would exceed so completely.

Life got in the way of our plans more than once–but Mistress Scarlett was flexible and communicative and engaging. I was already feeling well prepared from the info on her excellent website, but the human interaction (even by email) generated a strong sense of ease even before I walked through her door.

Our session was a perfect first time together – we took our time and she explored my physical and mental buttons while applying a generous dose of electrical stimuli. It was what I hope is the first of many sessions as I look forward to seeing her lovely figure wrapped in latex for me to shine once again. I also cannot wait to feel the impossible softness of her touch driving me to agony and ecstasy. And perhaps next time I will have the good sense to offer a foot massage while I help her into her thigh high boots!

I’m worrying about whether or not I’ll get a parking ticket when she comes
out to greet me. She’s wearing a sundress and gives off this effortlessly magnetic energy. She leads me through a standard suburban basement to a room with a bed. There’s a tiny bottle of water thoughtfully set out. I make my way to it and wonder if she buys pallets of water for this. I have fun musing to myself about who I might be sharing a pallet with.
She sits on the bed, I stay standing near the bottle of water, and we chat. She can tell that I’m nervous and is trying to put me at ease. I announce that I’m gonna sit on the floor, and she tosses me a pillow to lean against. We go over how I’ll be restrained. It becomes clear that I should lie down on the bed, so I do.

She takes off her sundress, revealing a corset (I think?) and fishnet stockings —
she must’ve been wearing them the whole time. She grabs my legs to strap them down. I tell her with a hint of complaint that her hands are cold. She’d been such a gracious host that I half expect her to go and warm them up. Instead, she smiles and says “that’ll make it more ticklish” while crawling her fingers up my body. The gracious host had gone away with the sundress.
The woman in her place says she’ll “find my spots.” I find a song with a simple, repetitive melody I can latch onto and hum in my head — “abcdefu” by GAYLE.
She starts with light touches, which lulls me into a state of confidence. Light
touches are cake — it’s the heavier stuff that can be unbearable. I know this. I’ve got this. She dances her (cold) fingers on my skin. Light touches are not cake.
She taunts that I’m “so sensitive.” I abandon “abcdefu” by GAYLE and start biting my own bicep. It diverts some sensory processing from the touching going on elsewhere and hides my reactions a bit. I laugh/scream into my arm, and it makes a farting sound. She laughs.
She softly scratches my belly button, an area that rarely gets much thought or
attention. It decides to be annoyingly responsive as if it were finally called upon
to shine. It dispatches low, continuous, full-body tingles. The tingles suddenly
sharpen, and I wonder out loud what the change in stimulus was (my face is still half buried in my arm.) She says it’s her tongue. Cool. So she’s licking my belly button. And I’m slowly losing it.

With ten minutes left, she asks if I want to see how long I can take it. Fuck her
and her smile and her tongue — I’m game. My memory is particularly spotty from this point, and I can’t bring myself to watch the video (yet). You’d probably know better, but I think she starts off by creeping her fingers up my ribs.
It’s not great but gets worse when she moves up in location and pressure. There’s a bundle of nerve fibers that runs from the neck through the armpits to the arms. You know this.

“Just one finger,” she says in mock reassurance. She knows that one finger can
bring about an impossible intensity of sensation. The verbal teasing is infuriating.

You know I don’t like the word “bitch.” When used in the traditional (not
reappropriated) way, it risks reinforcing the patriarchy. But you know the feeling of being a kid when someone gets you so mad and so worked up and you want to say the most inflammatory thing you can think of but aren’t great at expressing

I call her a bitch. I tap out.
I should note that at some point earlier in the session, I said “daisy” instead of
“mercy.” At another point, I said, “what’s the word.” Both times, understanding my intent, she stopped. Throughout the session, it was clear that tap-outs were available and respected. They’d only cost a bit of pride.
We close with a summary of different parts of my body. She nails an area she’d
previously missed by a fraction of an inch. I feel a tired smugness that she’d
gotten it wrong the first time.

It’s over. She smiles, and her eyes are warm. She asks if I’m good to drive — I
think so. Strands of thoughts and emotions, some conflicting, drift through my
head. I don’t have the language to describe them let alone the will to connect
them. She says that any and all of the feelings I’m experiencing are valid. I think I want her to hold me but also think I want her to never touch me again.
I’m a little surprised that the world is as I left it. It’s still a bright sunny day in a
wealthy, manicured DC suburb. There are constantly shifting elements of
power, control, vulnerability, desperation, play, stimulation, anticipation, and trust. I get the allure in a deeper way than I had before.
The internet can be such a tease. You come across your ideal fantasy and mistress but she lives far away. Then she moves to your town…anticipation of scratching that perpetual itch builds. Then COVID. When all hope was nearly gone, a tweet inviting subs and slaves to embark on a journey! I seized my moment and am I glad I did!
My first session was at a hotel which is not my favorite locale for sessions. Walking through the lobby and up to her room seemed like forever and seems so awkward walking by families and business people while I am thinking about all the “fun” to be had in a moment. The door opened and after locking eyes…I was shook! How can your ideal mistress with luscious red hair, impeccable style and your dream pair of heels on be standing right before me! My heart skipped too many beats! After regaining my composure before the most beautiful domme I have ever seen, we reviewed the kinks and activities before beginning the session. I adore high heels and have never been in the presence of Louboutins! I couldn’t believe it when her immaculately manicured nails pointed to her heels as she allowed me to worship them. The smell of her feet and their softness mixed with the shine and look of those heels and red bottoms took me to cloud 9! Bondage ensued then trampling with heels on and off before ending the session with a marathon of full body weight and heel worship/trampling all over my bond sensitivities. Gazing up to such grace and beauty was beyond what I could have dreamt of! Let me not forget that she can be as kind and friendly as anyone could be but equally demanding and controlling. Putty in her hands doesn’t quite describe how deep I was in subspace for her. I rode that euphoria from the session for weeks as every time I brushed my nipples while working out or changing clothes gave me a nice reminder of our time together.

Our second session was at her new location which is a comfortable neighborhood with plenty of parking and discreetness abound. I wanted to delve into some other interests with her to solidify what I thought…this is the Mistress you always wanted to serve! Urethral sounding was the task and she knocked it out the park! Blindfolded and wrapped in saran wrap, I had nowhere to go…no hope of escape. Perfect. With her foot or her nude stilettos in my face and neck, she gently filled my urethra with her sound. Her control and ability to relax but also torment allowed me to take more and more for her. The aftercare she provides is so needed as I fall pretty deep into subspace. Her current venue is clean, comfortable with a fantastic ambiance for heavy corporal to sensual sessions. At one point in the session, the pride in her voice reverberated through the room and my head when she said “all of this and all of you is mine”. It was an intense moment that solidified my true place and fulfillment of my fantasy. Thank you Scarlett!

Let’s just say that anyone who has dreamt of sessioning with Scarlett should jump at the opportunity…just don’t take my session time lol. I can’t say enough great things and I cannot wait to be challenged again and molded further by this outstanding professional dominatrix who is as good at her craft as she is as a person. Dreams do come true!


Mistress Scarlett will get in your head, and you won’t want her to leave. Somehow she manages to be both easygoing and incisively cruel in the best ways. I always appreciate her flexibility based on my headspace and what my limits are on the days of our sessions. Sometimes it feels like a strict marathon of masochism and other times we take a more leisurely strife-filled stroll. Mistress Scarlett helps me figure out what I *need* from my session, rather than what I thought I wanted, and then delivers every time. I am incredibly thankful for our time together, and always looking forward to the next time we get to play!


I don’t wish to do Goddess Scarlett a disservice by making this sound like the cliche review full of short adulations and exclaimed adjectives. I want to let my experience speak for itself: Most of my relationships have had a dynamic where I was dominant, for the most part. The frustrations I had, day to day was that I craved having control taken from me. I wanted to have power stripped from me to allow myself to be as vulnerable as I could be. For reasons I don’t wish to get into, I am unable to seek this in my personal relationships.

Being someone who followed Scarlett’s Instagram and FetLife pages, I made the decision to book her for a session. I was incredibly nervous and had a very hard time articulating what I needed from her. She was kind enough to assure me that we would get to the root of my cravings. I chose to trust her word and booked. One of the best decisions I have ever made.  When I entered the room on the day of our meeting, I was stunned by her immediately. She was like a house on fire with a mouthwatering outfit –And even more striking in person than her pictures. In-person, her beauty is animated by her confidence and the voice that comes from her commanded respect from this very same confidence. And what a smile… I felt like I could die happy having her smile at me as she did.

Whatever expectations I had, I did not expect how warm and disarming her manner was. Instead of being cold and demanding right off the rip, she had me sit so we could talk until I was comfortable enough to begin. She also had all of the implements and toys I had asked for laid out neatly ready for use. I had asked to be restrained, as I just wanted all possible control taken from me. When she told me to lay on the bed and bound each of my limbs, I knew I was ready for this. My anxiety melted away with the practiced grace I saw in her deliberate gestures, from cuffing me to the bed, to the thoughtful choice of her toys. What followed then was jarring in how the reality far exceeded my expectations. This woman proceeded to strip me of any sense of control, or will. Her use of toys wasn’t too much or too little in the force of their use. It was exactly adjacent to my desires. More than that, as the scene unfolded, it felt like we were both walking together in this experience.

She forced me to participate in the ways she desired by using her indomitable will in all the ways we discussed; However, It was done in a way that came authentically from this powerful woman. It was our experience, and that is what made it special. I even got a teensy bit emotional at the end, which she encouraged. Surprised once again by the nurturing part of her heart, which I can only describe as matriarchal. For example, I could sense while we shared space, I was in her care and affection. What I mean is that her attention seemed ever-present and real to me. I truly believe she cared about coaxing our potential into its fullest expression to the wonderful benefit of us both. I will be humbled and powerfully excited to see her again! I can’t wait to utilize her obvious experience in pushing my fetish buttons. 5 out of 5 stars, 10 out of 10, OUTSTANDING work this woman does. Book yesterday, if you can.


This was the best money ever spent. I can’t wait to return. I don’t know why I waited so long to email her.


I was recently granted the privilege of meeting Miss Scarlett Lush. Getting an audience with her was just slightly less difficult than getting an audience with the pope, but it was worth it! What can I say about Scarlett? Young, beautiful, funny, open minded, playful, non judgmental and a free spirit with a  great laugh would be some of the things that come to mind. Scarlett is someone who obviously enjoys what she does, and takes pride in doing it well. She is down to earth and unpretentious. Above all else the session was fun, and I am looking forward to repeating.


I have been trying to align my schedule with Mistress Scarlett’s for some time, and all I can say is that it was definitely worth the wait. She provided the perfect combination of beauty, grace, intelligence, personable demeanor and dominance. Getting to serve her was a distinct honor, one which I hope to repeat often. In summary all I can say is, “Wow!”


Miss Scarlett,

I wanted to thank you again for the incredible session last night. It was so much more sensual than anything I have ever experienced before. I was initially attracted to your youth and beauty but didn’t quite expect how demanding and sadistic you were and how much you truly seemed to enjoy abusing me. I don’t think I’ve ever been flogged or paddled that hard before. The more you worked me over the more I enjoyed it right up to the point where you broke me and reduced me to tears.
It was truly a pleasure to be with such an elegant woman and your play space was clean and well equipped. We only had the chance to use but a few of the toys and gear that you have and I look forward to our next time together. I’ve been dispappointed with Dommes before and have always left unfulfilled. The marks and bruises you left for me to remember you by will have to do until I am in your presence again.


Miss Scarlett has an amazing personality and you can actually tell she really cares about this lifestyle. I haven’t had many sessions before, but she tailored the session to what she felt I would enjoy and it was a very enjoyable session. She has a very energetic personality and is easy to talk to. My session consisted of fetishes that I never experienced before, but wanted to try for the first time. It consisted of inescapable bondage where I was tied up unable to escape. She did little things while I was in bondage which helped intensify the experience. Also, we engaged in other fetishes that added to the enjoyment of the overall session. I highly recommend Miss Scarlet to anybody new to the lifestyle who may have been too scared to experience anything, but often fantasize about the lifestyle. Also, to regulars who have sessioned before, she is very well experienced and has a contagious personality. Overall, I enjoyed everything about the session and I look forward to another session with her again.


Miss Scarlett Lush is a domme extraordinaire. Don’t be fooled by her sweet smile and playful laugh, she can be very, very cruel. And you will beg for her cruelty, which is both creative and methodical. Miss Scarlett will introduce you to unique sensations and push you to enjoy submission in new ways. Regardless of the predicament Miss has put me in, I have always enjoyed myself. She’s been attentive and thoughtful, while pushing my limits as she desires. I always look forward to the privilege of serving her and would recommend her to anyone interested in being dominated by an exquisite redhead.


Miss Scarlett is one of the most incredible people you will have the pleasure of having a session with.  When I first started seeing her I was very inexperienced and she was able to ease me into the session “gently” and help me gain the experience I wanted.  Every session I have had with her has been amazing, she pushed my limits and I was begging for more every time.  She is willing to work with your requests and have fun doing it and put her own spin on it too.  She is very creative and extremely fun, her look and laugh are a great plus when you see an extremely attractive woman answer the door you are thrown a little bit and then when you hear her laugh it is even better and it all just further enhances an already amazing experience.  She is also one to just as soon tickle you as beat you and it makes all the sessions I have had with her that much more interesting because you don’t know exactly what to expect and that added bit of uncertainty make her all the more fun.  But all that said Miss Scarlett is extremely attentive to your needs, if you are uncomfortable in anyway that is unintentional or not part of the session she will attend to it when you tell her.  If that is not enough her personality and attitude are both just as amazing as her looks and creativity, she will ease you in if you need it and make you feel very welcome and comfortable about everything you have done, are going to do, and would like to do.  She will help guide you and figure out what your limits and turn-on’s are and then exploit them in very creative and fun ways.  I would recommend anyone with any doubts about whether or not to have a session with Miss Scarlett to at least email her and talk to her if not arrange a session right away because you really don’t know what you are missing, she is amazing and I look forward with great anticipation to my next session with her.

I can’t say enough good things about my session, it was exhilarating, exciting, an adrenaline rush and it turned me on. Miss Scarlett is a lovely young lady, she’s beautiful, knows exactly how to get you relaxed and at ease and how to get you to submit to her. Miss Scarlett is a very sensual yet limit-pushing Domme, but don’t let her sweet, innocent, young looks fool you, she knows exactly what she is doing and she does it very well. Her sweet seductive voice will make you melt and do whatever she wants. The environment in which the session took place was very inviting, comfortable and set the mood perfectly. She was well equipped for any scene. Once the session began she jumped right into the Domme role and I fell right into my place, at her feet. I was nervous, yet excited, but once things got going, I was calm and relaxed and still turned on. This was my first in-person session with a Domme. Miss Scarlett is a very knowledgeable Domme and is always learning new techniques. She introduced me to something new that I had never tried before. I found it a little intense but at the same time interesting and a new sensation. I look forward to my next session with the wonderful and amazing Miss Scarlett. I will be serving her for a very long time. This first session was beyond anything I could have imagined, I am anxious to see what she does to me in my next session.


Absolutely engaging woman with absolutely perfect feet…….I loved ever taste of your gorgeous toes and soles….can’t wait to visit again 😉 xo on


Miss Scarlett, my session with you was outstanding. I want to tell others what a skilled and beautiful Domintant you are. You helped me to expand my limits in an area that I would never have thought to explore. I had never experienced sounds before and could not believe how expertly you brought me into that area. It’s an amazing thing for me to have been in this scene for over twenty years and find a new area to explore. I was impressed with your dedication to understanding what makes me tick, what interests I have and what limits may exist for me. You have a broad base of diverse bdsm talents. I can’t wait for a future session with you!


To say that I have recently starting serving Scarlett would be a lie. The truth is, I have known Scarlett Lush for sometime now, because I am always compelled to come back to her. You see, I’ve been in this lifestyle for a while, and I have played with other Mistresses, but none of them compare to Scarlett. The reason I say this is because Scarlett Lush is the corvette of Mistresses. She is for the upper class, the sophisticated, she is a like a fine glass of wine. The other Mistresses I served, mine as well have been crack whores compared to her. Not only is she beautiful, get over it, but she is wicked to. She’s always willing to push the envelope and make you work. Yeah she will take your money, but its not just about that to her. Scarlett believes in the product that she is selling, which is the BSDM lifestyle. If you are thinking about anything regarding sex, forget it, do you hear me, Scarlett is not an escort, she is a princess, and deserves to be treated so… But if there was one real thing to highlight with my time with the one and only Scarlett Lush, it is her intellect. I like hat I can talk to her about mundane things. I like the good conversation, that right there is worth it in itself. So cheers to you Scarlett, you make my shitty life taste just a bitter sweeter.


An encounter with Mistress Scarlett is exciting and stimulating in a variety of ways. However, there is one downside to a session with her: It will be over way before you want it to.


Miss Scarlett, I am not sure I can put into words how our session has changed me. I have had submissive feelings for many years but did not have the opportunity
to act on them until now. When I found you I knew the time was right to open up to these feelings. It is amazing how you took the nervous anticipation away from me
as you began to bring me into your dominant world. Your personality and openness made the experience exceptional. While I know I am inexperienced
in these sessions, I look forward to what lies ahead when I am again in your presence.
I would strongly encourage anyone who has a need to submit, to contact Miss Scarlett. She has the experience and understanding that is needed to truly dominate
a submissive. She is so beautiful and truly one of a kind.
“What can I say about this wonderful lady?  There aren’t enough nice adjectives to describe what a session with Mistress Scarlett is like only that it goes by really fast because in addition to being an experienced professional, she is very easy going and fun to be around.   Even though being submissive is very natural for me, meeting a new domme for the first time is always very nerve racking which takes away from the pleasure, which is where the focus should be.   Other than a few awkward moments at the beginning (partly because she is stunningly beautiful) the session was a very laid back experience and seemed like it was tailored just for me.  I have seen other Mistresses that are extremely strict with their protocols and it just wasn’t fun for me,  I could never truly relax and be myself.  This was never a problem with Mistress Scarlett.   I highly recommend Mistress Scarlett to experienced pro’s in the lifestyle and especially for people like me that are newbies and have always wanted to see a Mistress but backed out at the last minute out of fear of the unknown.  There is one downside to a session with Mistress Scarlett.  You will not be able to get her out of your head.  Behold, I have been stricken with Scarlett Fever.”
Thank you again.
I had the honor of being trampled by Mistress Scarlett and Mistress Anne at Frolicon this year. What an awesome session! Both ladies were methodical, cruel and punishing, but having met Mistress Scarlett for the first time, I too was amazed that such a beautiful and unassuming young lady could be so delightfully evil. I cannot thank you both enough for that experience. And, yes, I felt the pain for several days after! 😉