What are your rates?

My prices start at

$25.00 for texting
$50.00 for phone calls
$100.00 for webcamming

This allows for more flexibility in pricing to accommodate various budgets. It also provides the option to reserve a shorter time slot if you are still undecided about booking.

My booking system provides a secure and confidential experience for my clients. This system is also designed to streamline the booking process, making it easier for both my clients and myself to manage appointments. You’ll be able to book me in minutes instead of the back-and-forth emails that can take an obscene amount of time.

The booking system is verifying that you are who you say you are and that you are compatible with the services that I offer. As seen on my website and social media, I am fully out as a BDSM practitioner, and with that public persona comes risk. In the past, I have been harassed by creepy people, stalkers, and those who believe BDSM is harmful and wish to eradicate it.

Scammers are rampant in my industry. They target practitioners and fans/clients as well! They create catfish accounts with stolen content trying to lure in anyone willing to pay an extremely discounted rate. Booking through my website honors my time and boundaries. You can easily reschedule your appointment and select a new date in time in case of a scheduling conflict. In the event I get sick or have a schedule change, I will move your appointment to a time of your choosing or fully refund your payment.

Your safety and my safety are very important to me, as is mutual discretion. I’m never going to give out any of your information or risk my reputation over any client. Other than the email address that you provide, I won’t text/call/dm/etc. If you desire a session that I don’t offer, I will never waste your money or time. If we aren’t a good fit, I will offer you a full refund. I’ve been doing this for 13 years and pride myself on my stellar reputation. I am inviting you to my private world and I want to feel safe and comfortable with you. I am verified on websites such as Fetlife, LoyalFans and have had Twitter since 2010.

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Is the booking system secure?

Yes, the booking system is highly secure and confidential. I take data privacy very seriously and have implemented the latest security measures to ensure that your personal information remains protected. I pay to use the same booking software many hospitals, universities, and nonprofits use. The only method of contact you will receive from me is through the email you provide on your form. I will never call or text you without an initial discussion. Some of my clients create a separate email for their bookings which is always an option if you’d prefer an extra layer of privacy.

I see you take payments through your booking software. Do you collect my personal information?

Nope! Absolutely not. Everything is encrypted through my 3rd party booking system. I have no reason to collect or store your personal data, nor do I have the space quite honestly. 99% of booking and payment software asks for your info to avoid fraud but doesn’t collect and store that information. I’ve been in this industry for 13 years, have a stellar reputation, and love my career. Tarnishing my name and business over a client’s info for a session is not worth the risk. I require payment upfront to ensure you will get the time slot chosen on my calendar.

Can I pay any other way?

I accept Amazon e-giftcards and Etsy e-giftcards, however, they can take up to 24 hours to receive so plan accordingly. This method will also take longer to resolve and clients using the booking system are prioritized. I highly recommend you use my booking system, however, I can accommodate those who wish to use e-gift cards in favor of paying online for a deposit. I am also able to take calls and videos on my LoyalFans fansite and my SextPanther profile. Please be aware that both of these websites deduct a 20% commission from each payment I receive. If you choose to use this method, please factor in this additional 20% when calculating the total amount so that I am compensated for my time at the agreed-upon rate.

What shows up on my credit card?

Life Coaching. This is a generic yet incredibly popular industry that doesn’t connect to me or my services.

What if I’m still nervous about booking your services online, are you sure it’s safe? Why can’t I just use other payment methods like Paypal?

Most payment processors don’t allow any form of adult workers on their platforms or websites. This is why I use the expensive and secure service I’m now using. Until there are free payment processors that allow adult workers to use their services, these are the best current options for you.

Will you be discreet with any information I share during our online session?

Whatever happens in our time together stays there. I have received consent to post any pictures, videos, or details you may see on my social media. Some of my clients love being exhibitionists for my public followers. I also am a lifestyle dominatrix and have play partners who enjoy our sessions and have given me consent to share our scenes online.

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What if I need to be discreet with our texts, phone calls, and webcam sessions?

When scheduling an appointment, you are asked to provide a phone number, Telegram username or Google Voice number. For enhanced privacy and discretion, I recommend downloading the Telegram app, which is a free messaging platform known for its strong emphasis on privacy and security.

If aren’t familiar with Telegram I wrote a summary about its privacy features below:

Telegram is a messaging app known for its emphasis on privacy and security. The platform employs end-to-end encryption for all messages, ensuring that only the intended recipients can access the content. This means that even Telegram itself cannot read users’ messages, providing a high level of privacy.

One of Telegram’s notable features is the “Secret Chat” option, which offers an additional layer of security. In a Secret Chat, messages are end-to-end encrypted and can only be accessed on the devices of the sender and the recipient. Additionally, users have the option to set a self-destruct timer for messages, ensuring that they automatically disappear after a specified time, further enhancing privacy.

Telegram also stands out for not only encrypting messages but also providing a range of security features. For instance, it offers two-step verification, enabling users to add an extra layer of authentication to their accounts.

Moreover, when using Telegram for messaging or phone calls, the information does not appear on a phone bill. This added level of discretion is particularly appealing to users who prioritize confidentiality and wish to keep their communication activities private.

Will the booking system send me appointment reminders?

Yes, the booking system will automatically send appointment reminders to the email address provided during booking. This feature is designed to assist in minimizing the likelihood of missed appointments.

What is your cancellation policy?

I recognize that unexpected events may occur; however, when appointments are forgotten or canceled without sufficient notice, it hinders my ability to serve other clients and manage my schedule efficiently.

To accommodate all clients and maintain a full schedule, I ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice for any appointment changes or cancellations. You can make adjustments to your appointment by using the ‘modify request’ button in the confirmation email you receive after your appointment is confirmed.

Cancellations within the 24-hour timeframe will result in forfeiture of the appointment, and a full refund will not be provided.

If I need to reschedule due to health reasons such as migraines, your appointment will be rescheduled at a time that works best for you.

This policy is in place to ensure clear communication of availability to other clients and to maintain a fully booked schedule, ultimately providing exceptional service to all clients, current and potential.

What are your hours of availability?

I take appointments after 12 PM. Mornings are an option with advance notice. I get booked up quickly and sometimes am booked out for weeks in advance. If you would like an appointment outside of my booking schedule, I offer a more flexible schedule for appointments 1 hour and longer. Sunday is my one day off.

Are there any kinks or topics that are off limits?

In the BDSM community, these are referred to as limits. Soft limits are an activity one might be open to with the right person or situation. Hard limits are activities that one has no interest in engaging in at any time and must always be respected. I will always honor your limits and expect the same level of respect in return.

I will always respond to honorary titles such as Goddess, Domina, Supreme, Mommy, Daddy, Mistress, Ma’am, etc. My preferred title is Goddess. I do not prefer to be called affectionate pet names like babe, sweetie, sugar, or hun. I particularly dislike being called hun. You may refer to me as Scarlett, but never call me hun. If a pet name is used, I will only respond to being referred to as Mother from that time on and we will pause the scene to place you in time out.

Do not expect or ask me to get naked. While I do occasionally participate in nude content creation, I do so by choice and only when I am interested in and comfortable with the scenario. I have a strong sense of body positivity and autonomy when it comes to nudity. I believe that I have the right to choose when and where to be unclothed. I may choose to do so spontaneously or if it contributes to a particular theme of humiliation or denial.

I do not engage in roleplaying or doing traditional sexual scenarios where I am not in a dominant or respectful role. If you are seeking conversations or interactions involving vanilla sex or explicit language (normal porno talk), I will not be the best fit for you. I recommend seeking out a provider who aligns more with your preferences.

Do you also see women? What about folx that are trans, NB, or exploring their gender identity? 

Absolutely! I personally identify as pansexual and am committed to promoting a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals.

I read everything and I’m ready to book! Now what?

Go to my booking page and let’s play!