Finally, a kink-friendly fansite!

The rise of fansites has been really exciting. I love the idea behind them, interacting one-on-one with a person and getting an exclusive and more intimate look into their lives. During covid I subscribed to lots of onlyfans because I love supporting other adult workers and with DC being shut down I needed a fun and sexy outlet. I went from attending to kink events around the world and spending most weekends at public dungeons to being shut in 24/7. It was depressing.

I tried making my own site with OnlyFans but I found it discouraging because they don’t support bdsm categories and continue to remove my content. Also their livestreams had a lot of technical issues making it hard for subscribers to enter my room when I was live. I continue to casually update while sort of writing them off as it seemed like they weren’t a place that supports femdoms.

Then came Loyalfans. I saw a lot of my friends and fellow femdom creators raving about this website. I gave it a few months to see if anyone had any major complaints and the consensus is that they are a very welcoming website with lots of support, listen to their creators and fans, and of course, accept most major BDSM categories! Also their livestreams have been working seamlessly.

I’ve spent the past few months working on my and am elated that it’s ready to launch. It was my birthday gift that I’m sharing with you. I’ll be opening my gifts live and having a surprise during the stream. Bookmark your calendars and stop by to celebrate with me!

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