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For the past few months, I’ve been living my best life, traveling the world and training slaves with world-renowned Femdoms. My travels include a trip to Mexico for work and a vacation for “Wicked Retreats” hosted by Goddess Alexandra Snow attended by scores of gorgeous women and slaves to attend to our every need. If that wasn’t enough, I was grateful to be hand selected to be one of the Priestesses at the final Order of Indomitus hosted by Mistress Michelle Lacy in South Florida this month. While I had slaves at my feet last week, back home I had a lovely surprise waiting for me. One of my personal slaves had been remodeling his house as a surprise for me- I am happy to announce I now have a huge dungeon and filming space! He built my new space out of his house with a private entrance and separate living space so that I can completely remodel it to my desire while being completely hidden from the rest of the house. It reminds me of popular Airbnb homes that are connected to large houses while being walled off from the other sections of the home.

My new dungeon space is walkable from the Ballston metro, 8 minutes from my old location space, and has a spot for parking in the driveway or free street parking (there are plenty of open spots). This project has me incredibly busy with an ongoing move and demanding work schedule and still have a lot to do to make my dungeon feel complete. If you’ve emailed me requesting a session and haven’t heard back from me yet, please be patient as I am slowly getting through my inbox. I don’t have an assistant and receive a ton of emails daily. I also film/edit clips, run a fansite and clipstores, do work tours, and am very involved in the BDSM lifestyle community. These endeavors have me quite busy, so patience is appreciated.

There are only so many hours in a work day and even though I’m working tons, I still am behind where I’d like to be with my new space. Sunday is my only scheduled day off and I only book sessions 3 days a week so I can give each client 100% of my focus and energy. I do not like to do rushed sessions and high volume. I prefer longer sessions with clients to really build the fantasy and immersive BDSM experience.

Order of Indomitus hosted by Mistress Michelle Lacy 2023

I’m excited to share my new space and videos with you. Stay tuned for more kinky content from your favorite spicy redhead!

2 thoughts on “New Dungeon Location

  1. Daniel says:

    Hey , I’m glad to hear you have a nice new dungeon space to have great BDSM experiences in. I was just writing you since I’ve been following for a long time on Instagram and on some other sites of yours and wanted to say Hi, and to thank you for the content you share on the internet. I’m new to the BDSM/ Femdom community(I’m a male), and I found you to be a source of good content for a long while. I hope that we can develop a nice friendship together, and maybe you could educate me on the Femdom lifestyle and how to be a good male submissive, or at least tell me where to go to get that information. Maybe after some time I can schedule a session with you in your personal dungeon and you can give me some real training(and maybe I can earn the privilege of being a personal male sub). I know you are very busy, so take all the time you need to read the message, and hope to speak to you soon .

    1. ScarlettLush says:

      As stated on the FAQ of my website, questions, and general chatting can be done via my sextpanther. My time is limited and valuable and as you’ve noticed, I’m pretty busy. I offer real-time training which can be done by booking a session.


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