Life Changes and Limited Time.

It’s two months into 2015 and already my subs have exceeded my expectations. I’ve been spoiled and am very grateful for them always thinking of me.

Gold 1920’s styled earrings.



Kate Spade fuchsia glitter pumps and a matching wristlet.



My first pair of Louboutin nude pumps! These are 100% sex in shoe form.



A purple iPod Nano for my workouts.


And a brand new 27″ 4K iMac! It’s beautiful and the graphics and resolution are better than anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s going to be great for online sessions and video editing. Some new Youtube videos will be coming up soon…




What’s Next in Scarlett’s Life?

My life is busy and full of being around people who make me happy and inspire me. I’ve decided to enroll in school to get my esthetician’s license. I’ve been a Professional Domme for a long time now and wanted to expand my makeover knowledge. With these skills I will be better able to transform men into sissy bois, wax men’s hairy bodies and be an even better makeup artist for the occasional vanilla client. I *love* learning so I’m really looking forward to school starting on Monday!

Unfortunately for you, I won’t be taking on new clients for the next 6 months. I’m lucky enough that my regulars keep my schedule full, though I may consider online sessions with new clients if I have spare time. I’ll post the info here if I do.




That’s all for now. Have a kinky day.



Scarlett Lush



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