Why Sensation Play is Underrated and (Potentially) Highly Addictive

I think while sadists enjoy very similar amusements to the causation of suffering, I happen to believe we also enjoy a different dimension of delightful torment. The dimensions of reaction in particular. When I play with someone, the one thing I crave above all things is the sharp and prominent reactions I get from my actions. Whether that be from stepping on the tender flesh of a bottom’s cock with my stilettos or lightly running the keen tip of a stainless steel tool of my choice up the arch of a bottom’s foot. Both get very delicious reactions from the people in my care. That is the very essence of what excites me while I am in a session. The more acute the reactions I get, the better. By now I hope the point I’m trying to make is emerging for you. I do not need pain and humiliation to enjoy a session with someone. All one needs to guarantee my personal pleasure with me is a properly working central nervous system.       

Floggers have a wide variety of sensations. They can feel thuddy like a deep tissue massage or stingy like the kiss of an ant. Some are made of soft materials that lightly graze the skin eliciting waves of pleasure throughout the body.

Let’s expand on that sentiment with two words: Sensation Play. Because of those two little words, I am able to play with all sorts of people, and not just the ones who ache for my favorite brands of abuse. Because of my experience utilizing feathers, cool leather implements, fleeced floggers, Wartenberg wheels, knives, and the curious tips of my fingers; I am able to turn a human into a shaking, sweaty puddle of delightful reaction without the aid of pain or humiliation. I can enjoy wringing gasps, sighs, and shouts of laughter from my bottoms with any and all of my agents of sensation which I will now detail for you. Let’s discuss just two of them to whet your appetite.  

Crops are a classic toy in the bdsm community. They can be light and fun or quite sadistic.


Agent #1: Bondage -There are many ways to skin a cat, they say. Just like there are many ways to restrain a bottom. Cuffs and Rope are my preferred bonds, as they are constant in their reliability in making sure the people in my care are as comfy as they are immovable. Sensation play can be very intense, and a large number of people I play with are terrible wiggle worms. So for my safety (and theirs), I will sometimes insist on at least binding two if not all four limbs to begin a session. It also adds flavor to the session. For instance, imagine being helpless to move as I run the soft cool tip of my leather crop over your nipples, leading to your armpit, and then down your ribcage. All very sensitive spots for so many people, so having the comfort of bondage just seems to help my bottoms surrender to the sensation. Maybe it’ll help you understand if I describe my long legs straddling your head while I run the tips of my long fingernails up and down your torso… What does that do for you? Are you wriggling in your seat thinking about it? I truly hope so…       

Are you ready to be tied up?

Agent #2: Sensory Deprivation – We already have you strapped down to the bed nice and tight. Not too tight, but firm enough to give you very little wiggle room. Now all that’s left before we party down with sensation overloads is to take away some of the human senses to make all of what I’m about to do to you that much more enjoyable for us both. My favorite sensation to deprive you of is your eyesight of course! You don’t need to see what I’m doing, do you? No. That’s a privilege in Scarlett’s world of debauchery, and right now it’s a privilege I have no desire to grant you. If you wish to play with me, you need to trust that there is nothing I do that is without purpose. In this case, the purpose is to make every single little contact I make with your body the absolute keenest I can make it. I want every sound, smell, and touch –Indeed every remaining human sense of yours to be amplified as loud as I can make it! How about a blindfold? Or a hood maybe? How about I just sit on your face and blot out your sight with latex my latex-encased ass spreading over your face? So many ways to comfortably blind you to make the tickle of my breath in your ear paralyze you with sensation. How better to make you appreciate the wonderful smell of my body flooding your nostrils. Every sensitive part of your body now doubled in sensitivity due to this wonderful agent of mine.          Why don’t we stop there for now –I hope these descriptions of sensation play paint an adequate picture of how I mete out a yummy session with a bottom who negotiates such play with me. I’m going to let you digest this entry while I think about how I want to add part 2. I’d rather give you short little descriptors that are enjoyable to read, rather than a homework assignment. Also, I like the idea of doing this sort of play justice by mulling over more wonderful descriptors for you in the realm of sensation play.

Every session is custom-tailored with hundreds of toys and endless ideas and creativity on my end.

XoXo -Goddess Scarlett Lush

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