Why Sensation Play is Underrated and is (Potentially) highly Addictive Part Two

As mentioned in my previous blog post: https://scarlettlush.com/why-sensation-play-is-underrated-and-potentially-highly-addictive/ I cover a few more favorites of mine that are on the lighter side of BDSM.

Simple boot worship can be so powerful and erotic.

I receive lots of session requests from kink newbies wanting to dip their toe into BDSM world. There’s a lot of fear and apprehension about what happens behind closed doors in the dungeon of a dominatrix. It’s okay to be nervous, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to take things slow. When you hire a Prodomme you should walk out of the session feeling safe and secure and feel like your limits and desires are respected. I love exploring a person’s mind and body no matter the experience level. Don’t let porn fool you, not every interaction with a femdom needs to end with tears, blood, and complete and utter degradation. A professional should be empathetic, compassionate, and able to communicate efficiently.

Mummification allows you to be completely bound in a comfortable way that still provides me access to your whole body.

There’s no right or wrong way to do BDSM when it comes to your interests. From something light and sensual like bondage and teasing to heavy and hard like a whip on your skin, it’s all exciting and fun! No two people are the same, every human canvas is my muse. As long as everyone is practicing safe, sane, and being consensual (SSC) you should have a fantastic time.

Here are two more tantalizing sensation play ideas that I enjoy:

A tens unit is often used by physical therapists, doctors, or pain management clinics. Have you ever used one for fun?

Agent #3: Electricity – This is a scary one for a lot of people, and I get it! Most people can’t really say they think of pleasure when talking about electricity. What we need to establish at this point is your trust that I aim to stimulate your senses. Not to offend them. Let me reassure you, I want my playmates to leave with a smile. If I choose to take you on as a plaything, in this case, let’s think about this as an erotic science experiment. Let me be Mistress Wizard while we relive the 90’s using you as my dumbfounded little underling marveling at the wonderful ways I can get your hairs to stand up!  How would I apply brand new sensations of electricity in ways that you might enjoy, you ask? Assuming I would even look at you in this case, Let me explain how I would do this with you. Achieving sensation within the boundaries of pleasure here is made possible with my use of certain conduits and stimulation wands. One of such in my possession is commonly called a Violet Wand. This is a clear plastic conductor that I use at very low currency levels to create only the most delicious and interesting sensations on the skin of those in my care. Sensations I can only be sure will goosebump your skin and make you gasp in my favorite ways. After trailing my violet wand over the most sensitive parts of your body to whet your appetite for this new frontier of pleasurable sensations, I would be all too happy to segway to my next favorite conductor of electricity: The Tens Unit. This is a device actually used to block pain and spike endorphins in your brain. Therapists use it all the time to relax their patients. Me? I use it to make little piggies squeal with delight. You should know by now how deliberate and methodical I am in which areas of your body I would target with my instruments. In this case, I would apply E-Pads to very strategic areas of your body in which to unleash a low, but delightful current into those parts of your body. Think of this as one of the most interesting ways I could give you a massage. And I would even have free hands to use in tandem with this toy! 

I enjoy how sensitive people are when it comes to hot/cold implements.

Agent #4: Temperature Play – Let’s slow this gravy train down a bit and discuss an even more deliberate agent of sensation here. We, humans, are so very sensitive to the elements. The elements of our planet can be so cruel and merciless. Luckily, I am not without measures of mercy. I like to think I have the elements harnessed to implement to any and all human flesh that would feel them. The caress of warmed metal, or the shock of an ice cube. How about the drip-drip of hot wax dotting your torso. Or the gradual burn of Bengay on your shoulders or ass. What I love about this Agent is that I am able to use my considerable imagination on ways I can put heat or cold on your body to make you sweat. Temperatures are so easy to apply, but it takes a master to apply them to a human in ways that invoke pleasure. Never a dull moment with this method, and believe you me –I have nothing but delightful ways of administering the elements in your favor.  

Imagine how much fun he is having.

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