Today has been a very productive day. I filmed a bunch of new clips for my website and even a few for my youtube channel.

I’ve been dealing the past few months with horrible and reoccurring migraines. I started getting them when I was a teenager but back then all I needed was excedrin and a nap. They were rare and not too serious. Now mine keep me in bed for a least a day, I can’t keep any food down and it causes the worst pain up and down my face, eyes, and neck. I’ve been seeing a doctor who has been helping me get them under control. Unfortunately things tend to get worse before they get better and that has been the case with all of these experiments. I was on a daily preventative that was working fantastic, but made me so sleepy and unmotivated that all I wanted to do was nap. It was really hard to get anything done, now with some diet changes and new medicine they seem to be much better. With the exception of my regular clients I’ve pretty much have taken a hiatus with work and much of my social life to concentrate on my health. Last week was the first week I’ve started feeling better again and not waking up in pain. It’s been wonderful! I’ve missed filming, indulging in kink, and now have 1,500 emails in my inbox! Sheesh. I need a slave assistant. 

I’ll be spending the rest of the week answering emails and editing clips. Stay tuned for more updates.

This is an email that one of my subs sent me after our session. Enjoy!

Mistress Scarlett:

When the opportunity presented itself …
put on the black panties that you didn’t choose for our session, settled onto the guest room bed, blindfolded myself with a scarf, put my hands behind my head and thought of being chained to your wall, blindfolded, helpless, vulnerable, thrilled, not knowing what type of blow would fall, or where, or when, writhing not to escape but to invite the next strike, to experience your cruelty, to revel in being totally under your control.
Then I thought of being on my knees before you as you tugged at the leash attached to my collar and guided my face to your strap-on. One hand drifted down to the bulge in my panties as I thought of licking and sucking your cock, of taking my eyes off it to sneak a peek up at your stern beauty, of feeling so submissive, so dominated, so humiliated yet so excited at being your slut and your slave. It didn’t take long at all before I lost control and spurted into my panties, filling them with cum without ever putting even a finger inside.
Now, that leaves me with thoughts of you bending me over the stool and taking me from behind, and of our next encounter. “

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