A Moment of Weakness

As most of you already know October is my favorite time of the year. Living in Florida it’s always hot and it starts to finally cool off in this month. Starbucks brings out the only drink I enjoy which is the pumpkin spice latte. The horror convention I love happens in October and of course Halloween.  Which is my opinion is the best holiday. Halloween Horror Nights is amazing this year and I go every chance I get. I adore this month. It also happens to be the busiest month since I plan so much. I haven’t really had a day off because even on days I’m not working I’m on set for an independent film my friend is directing. I guess my body had enough and I ended up getting sick this week. Sinus infection, migraine, and pms doesn’t make me happy. I had plans of doing a shoot, taking more pictures, and making videos this week but all I’ve done is sleep and take shots of robitussin.

This was my costume last year.

I’ve giving my body until today to be sick and after that I’m over it. I need to get out of the house. It’s making me stir crazy.

Since I couldn’t make a new fun video. I decided to share one of my favorites with a song I also thoroughly enjoy.

Cheers to health and having a spooky halloween.

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