Migraine Management

My health is slowly on the upswing. I’m no longer dealing with daily low-grade headache and body aches. Which means I’m sleeping better and this has dramatically improved my mood. Nerve block injections plus Botox seems to be key. Nerve block injections make me feel amazing and have no side effects but they are quite painful and only last 10 days. Botox seems to be helping bit by bit, but requires 31 injections per visit! I’m no longer afraid of needles thanks to my medical issues. Botox didn’t work right away, it took about a week for me to notice anything and about 3 weeks for it to fully be in effect. Botox should last for three months, which is amazing. Apparently the first round is also the weakest so hopefully I’ll feel even better at the end of July after my 2nd round.

I’m still not working but I have energy bursts here and there and am actually looking forward to going back to work which is how I know I’m feeling better. I always enjoy being active and motivated except for when I’m sick, then it’s hard to look forward to anything. Before Botox I was at about 30/40% energy levels daily, now I feel more at 60/70%.

I’m been phone chatting Princess Kali for some ideas on how to keep a work flow schedule and also not make myself sicker. She’s an amazing woman and great for bouncing ideas off of. So in the next few weeks I’ll be back to online appointments. My problem in the past has always been that I push myself too hard and make myself sick. I’m really going to create (and try to stick to) a realistic work/life/health balance schedule. This way I’ll be able to keep working, despite my poor health, not push myself into getting sick again and repeating this vicious cycle.

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