The Dirty Thirties

This month, November 28th to be exact, I turn 30 years young! Despite my suffering health this year has been relatively awesome. I have a fully equipped dungeon that I’m able to share with subs, lovers, and friends. I have three furry children who look up to me as their adoptive Mom. And I still get to be my own boss, which I’ll admit, is superior than most bosses. 😉


If you’ll feeling generous I have a wishlist online via amazon which ships directly to my house. It can be found at


I love cards and hand written letters. I save all of them. Bring me one when you come serve me.

Scarlett Lush

2 thoughts on “The Dirty Thirties

  1. Kris says:

    Hi, I am looking to get back into the bdsm scene, which I have been out of for several years.. close to six or seven… would be able to recommend any groups munches, etc in the Orlando or space coast area?


    1. ScarlettLush says:

      If you don’t have fetlife, make an account. I would go to kinky & geeky events, anything hosted by the local dungeons, etc.


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